About Aspiring Akmemorph:

This is a blog documenting my hobby projects. These mostly involve computing, electronics and fringe health stuff like biofeedback. During gradschool I came to the belief that it doesn’t count if you don’t write it up, so this is a place for those writeups as well as a reference for when I forget what I’ve done and need to look things up.

The blog’s title is a reference to transhumanism, which I am not as enamored with as I used to be. Akmemorph is just ‘highest-form’, and the point of the health side of this blog is that we can use technology to improve our health. Unfortunately, a lot of these projects involve counteracting the damage living in a modern world does to us, rather than improving on an already healthy human. For example, fixing one’s circadian rhythm with orange glass, light boxes or light alarm clockes, melatonin, … is only nessesary because of artificial light, but I’m not about to give that up.

About me:

I recently finished my Phd doing computation for plasma physics and do not want to associate with academic science any further. Currently I am in an exploratory phase where I’m trying to find an area to pivot to where my experience can be useful. It’s important to me to find a career where I can feel honest and productive.