I’m writing this half as a filler post and half because I’ve met a lot of people who are using bad ways to organize their pdfs.

For academics or anyone who needs to organize papers, I would strongly recommend using Mendeley. It’s basically a booru for pdfs, and it has good automatic data entry as well. You can upload and access your papers, it automatically scrapes the citation info and generally works well. By adding articles to it every time you read a new one, it lets you search much more effectively for claims that you remember someone made but have no idea where they came from. You can also organize ebooks this way.

A worry that discourages me from any cloud product is that there may be no way to export data if it isn’t supported any more. I’m taking that risk in this case.

Hand dynamometer-part 2

I carved handles out of wood and mounted the strain sensors in it.

Gripping it as hard as I can. Was interesting to see grip strength fail and then increase again when I redoubled my efforts.

Seems to be a working, if low quality dynamometer. If I was to redo this I would build more around the grip and possible use different strain sensors. I might measure the effects of irraditation (tensing other muscles in this context) on grip strength later.