Galvinic Skin Response 2

I’ve been back to working on GSR, trying to give it an actual test rather than making sure there’s any response at all.

I’ve switched to make one of the inamp inputs be from the DAC on the nucleo so I can switch that voltage to keep it in range. The DAC output is in orange, the voltage across my fingers is in blue, t is in .1 seconds.

I’ve also used cable organizers to secure the electrodes and switched to gold plated electrodes. I don’t think the shape is optimal for keeping a good contact with the skin, but that’s something else I can play with. These aren’t that bad-I can type and work with them on atleast.

The inamp has an amplification of 100X, and the voltage out from the ADC is missing a factor of 3.3V.

I need to read the Boucsein book again to see if there’s typical filtering that’s used on the output and try and determine if there’s a good test.

In the end, I still don’t have a good test.

Author: Garth Whelan


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