SLA 3D Printing

These are some prints I did while at Formlabs that I’m particularly happy with.

Tin cast into High Temp resin mold
Casting epoxy plugs around M2 bolts for vacuum chamber parts.

Electroplating with graphite paint (paint says only suitable for electroforming, too resistive to evenly coat with copper but still a neat effect)
Shoe Lasts in Draft V2 Resin for my SO to make shoes on. These use the single layer touchtips I was working on for supports.
A shield for my X Ray tube casted in Lead-Bismuth eutectic into a SLA print. The pattern was a diffarction pattern from GIMP to make it prettier. The black holder was a SLS Nylon print from the FUSE.
The same shield being after cast in High Temp resin.
Tachikoma print in flexible resin.
Lizard in Rigid 10k resin
Homemade retroreflective resin by adding retroreflective glass beads. Sort of works…
Backlit Alien Head.
Made with homemade glow in the dark resin (added strontium aluminate)